Fidenza Village lights up Christmas

Fidenza Village officially welcomes Christmas at 3.30 pm with the help of Paola Turani, who will be switching on the Village’s Christmas lights: find her in front of the LOVE sign.

Enjoy this spectacular experience and watch the Village transform right in front of your eyes.

Meet & Greet with Paola Turani

From 3.30 pm to 5 pm all Privilege members will have the chance to meet Italian model and influencer Paola Turani in the relax area near the LOVE sign.

This is your opportunity to meet this popular influencer, who will be answering all your questions, and have your photo taken with her.

model and influencer Paola “Tury” Turani

Geplaatst door Fidenza Village op Zaterdag 10 november 2018

Experience a magical performance from “Invasioni lunari”

When the sun goes down the magic will begin with a performance from Invasioni Lunari theatre, dance and visual artists. Enjoy this extraordinary music, dance and entertainment experience from 5 to 6 pm.

“Invasioni lunari” live performance

Discover an otherworldly theatre, dance and visual performance from Invasioni Lunari (Moonlight Invasions) and be transported to a dream dimension in Fidenza Village.

Combining dance and music, the performance creates an optical illusion through unusual costume designs, video images and light displays. It offers an escape from the real world and encourages guests to dive into a mystery cosmos – home to imaginary beings and unexplored places.

The performance from Invasioni Lunari cannot be explained, it can only be experienced live. Watch as the travelling group of dancers moves through the crowd on stilts, creating a bright, extraordinary experience in the Village.